Towards sustainability

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Today, we are all still far from achieving this. Issues like climate change and water scarcity are growing increasingly urgent. Everyone must play our part to help solve these issues.

The private sector has a particularly important role, offering innovation, investment and business expertise. By working together with government bodies, NGOs and communities, businesses can help tackle the challenges facing us all.

At Coca-Cola HBC Estonia, we aim to contribute to sustainable development. Since 2002, we have worked to reduce our environmental impacts and invest in our communities. We work in partnerships, helping to protect local watersheds, increase recycling and promote healthy active lifestyles, for example Clean the Beach initiative, Safe Driving bicycle trip and partnering with EPP (Estonian Packaging Association). We are also working to minimize the environmental impacts of our own operations.

This is not altruism; it benefits our business, too. By reducing the environmental impacts of our own operations -- the amount of water, energy and packaging used to produce each beverage, for example – we are making our business more efficient. This reduces our costs in the short term, as well as risks to our long-term business growth.

Through our sustainability initiatives, we are unleashing our own capacity for innovation. Our programmes are earning us a reputation for leadership and our employees tell us that they are proud to work at Coca-Cola HBC Estonia.