1979: December 12. The first TCCC owned beverage Fanta Orange was bottled into 0,33 litre glass bottle in Baltics, Estonia The company was called Tallinna Karastusjookide Katsetehas then.

1988: October 27. First Coca-Cola was bottled in Baltics (0,33 litre glass bottle)

1992: On 5th of May. Ltd Tallinn Soft Drinks and COCA-COLA GETRÄNKE HOLDING signed foundation documents for AS Estonian Coca-Cola.

1994: PET 1 production line was implemented in Tallinn plant, Estonia.

1998: PET 2 production line was implemented in Tallinn plant, Estonia.

1999: First Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan in the Baltics (charity campaign per annum)

2002: Coca-Cola Hellenic acquired bottling rights in all three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Coca-Cola HBC was established.

2003: New RGB line in Tallinn plant.

2004: Cappy Juices were introduced to Baltic market.

2005: First Clean the Beach event in Baltics (the aim of the event is to increase the young people’s awareness of environmental protection issues).

2005: First Coca-Cola Sunday League tournament in the Baltics (annual active lifestyle for youth).

2007: Coca-Cola HBC was the first company who introduced GDA labelling in Baltic market.

2007: March, Coca-Cola Zero was introduced in Baltic market.

2009: Coca-Cola Hellenic Estonia was ranked 1st among food industries in CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and third among all enterprises in Estonia.

2010: PET 2 and RGB lines relocated from Tallinn plant to Alytus plant in Lithuania and Tallinn plant was closed.

2010: Coca-Cola Hellenic Estonia was named as the most responsible company of the year.

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