Our business imperatives

Given the increasing complexity of today’s marketplace, Coca-Cola HBC Estonia adjusts its business approach to meet changing circumstances and conditions.

The retail landscape is fast-changing, consumers are seeking greater variety and our customers are demanding ever-higher service levels. In this vibrant and dynamic environment, we are constantly evaluating the way we do business as we strive to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

The Coca-Cola Hellenic Group implemented a new strategic initiative in 2006 as a means of ensuring that the business results we deliver are sustainable over the longer-term.

“Excellence Across the Board” focuses on developing best-in-class commercial and distribution capabilities, as well as streamlining the management of financial resources. In particular, we are building powerful route-to-market systems and dynamic partnerships with customers to ensure that our execution in the marketplace is unparalleled. At the same time, we seek to optimize the use of our financial working capital and rethink internal processes and systems.

We manage our business following six priorities:

  • increase our beverage categories in order to become a more diverse non-alcoholic beverage business 
  • build brand equity in order to create value for customers 
  • drive profitably package mix and exploit new channels in order to enhance margins 
  • manage capital for growth and value 
  • drive cost efficiency through the business 
  • create superior sustainable returns

Here are three examples of how we apply these priorities.

Customer collaboration

We aim to be the preferred supplier to about 3600 shops, restaurants, supermarkets, discount chains and other businesses that sell our beverages. We enhance our route-to-market and commercial capabilities to ensure the availability of an ever-expanding range of products in the marketplace.

Effective route-to-market systems

We focus on adopting the most effective means to ensure full availability of our products in the marketplace and build lasting relationships with outlet owners.

Excellence in marketplace execution

We continuously invest in building salesforce effectiveness. Coca-Cola HBC Estonia invests in merchandising equipment to offer consumers the right product, at the right time and place. We equip our sales people with mobile devices to enhance order-taking, invoicing and asset tracking.

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