Our mission and values

The mission of Coca-Cola HBC Estonia is to refresh our consumers, partner with our customers, reward our stakeholders and enrich the lives of our local communities.

Our corporate vision

Our corporate vision is to become the undisputed leader in our market. We can only achieve this through:

  • developing excellent people 
  • achieving excellent customer partnership and consumer satisfaction 
  • exploring new opportunities 
  • building and leveraging superior organizational capability 
  • excelling at availability, affordability, acceptability and activation 
  • continuously optimizing our cost to serve

while acting responsibly to ensure the sustainability of our business, our communities and the country in which we operate.

Our values

  • acting with integrity and delivering on every promise 
  • committing passionately to excel at all we do 
  • competing fairly to win, as one team 
  • ensuring our people reach their full potential 
  • treating everyone openly, honestly and with respect

Putting our mission and values into practice

In Coca-Cola HBC Estonia our aims are to refresh our consumers, to be a good business partner for our costumers and to give something back to the immediate environment and the community.

At the same time it is important for us to act in a responsible and reliable way to guarantee sustainability for our company, our community and the world, in which we are living. Coca-Cola HBC Estonia considers itself as a domestic company, which distributes products on the Estonian market.

The environment and its protection are other important topics for Coca-Cola Hellenic, and the company takes these issues into account in any area and activity.

Trust is our asset

Trust is our most important asset: the trust in our innovative brands and products. This asset has been built up with great commitment throughout the 120 years of Coca-Cola's history. As we provide the right high-quality products for the right occasion in the right place, we are an indispensable profit-maker for our partners.

Our success is based on our good reputation. As a committed team, we seek new challenges every day and aspire to hold up this reputation and to improve it by being honest, responsible and respectful with our consumers, customers and employees in all respects. Our Code of Business Conduct supports this goal.

We expect our business partners to comply with the highest quality standards which are defined in the Suppliers Guiding Principles. These principles are an integral part of each and every new or renewed contract between Coca-Cola HBC Estonia and its partners, and it comprises issues concerning the abidance by laws and regulations, child labor and forced labor, wages and benefits as well as provisions regarding health, environment and safety.

A wide product range

We strive to adjust our product portfolio to the wishes and needs of the consumers and customers. With our products we set new trends and react to the tastes and preferences of our consumers. 

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